Let's Get Crafty!

Winter is for staying in and getting creative.

Warm Up With Winter Favorites

With a few homemade touches here and there, you're sure to find the cozy vibes that make the winter cold bearable.

Yahoo Makers!

Meet Katie Brown's 'Yahoo Makers'! Follow us over to the Yahoo Makers homepage and craft your heart out!

Need help with your space?

Katie Brown's 'Hunt' is a design workshop dedicated to building interiors that evolve organically from the collaboration of style and livability. The goal of Hunt is to establish a perfect marriage between form and function. The process should be fun, enlightening, spirited and stylish.

To contact them please e-mail : studio@ huntatelier.com

Get Inspired!

Want to change things up a bit but need help getting inspired? Let Katie Brown help you give your room a make-over!


6 Non-Commercial Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day With Someone and Actually Enjoy it

6 Non-Commercial Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day With Someone and Actually Enjoy it

Not only can Valentine’s Day get expensive, sometimes it feels like “buying in” to what often feels like a greeting card holiday ignores what actually makes relationships work: being present, being honest, and making quality time for each other. So why not skip the hectic dinner out, avoid paying $20 to see a sappy movie [...]


Crave-able Winter Desserts

Because staying warm starts with a happy tummy!


Bringing the Outdoors in

I'll help you find creative ways to take advantage of your winter garden during these colder months.


Pinecone Fire Starters

Keep a pail of these fire starters next to the fireplace and you’re sure to create sparks at a moment’s notice.

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